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What is Climate Analysis Toolkit

The Climate Analysis Toolkit is a free software tool for accessing and analyzing downscaled climate projection models. These climate models have been produced by several agencies and institutions from around the world and published for public access. The Climate Analysis Toolkit allows users to easily do the following:

  • Retrieve localized climate projections in a spatially-oriented GIS environment
  • Statistically analyze a large number of projections and identify the most useful
  • Explore the data in graph and table form
  • Use the data to force VIC and DHSVM models
  • Export data to their local computers

NOTE: This project has moved to GitHub. Please join us here to get the latest source code and contribute to the project: 

Moving to GitHub

About HydroDesktop

The Climate Analysis Toolkit is a plugin that operates inside of HydroDesktop.  HydroDesktop is a free and open source GIS enabled software application that allows user to explore a variety of climate data from a wealth of sources.  To learn more about HydroDesktop click here. To download a copy of HydroDesktop (pre-requisite for running the Climate Analysis Toolkit) as well as for instructions on getting the source code click here.

Development Approach

The Climate Analysis Toolkit is a result of the collaborative efforts of Brigham Young University and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation by hydrologists, engineers, and computer programmers. By creating a user friendly application for retrieving and analyzing climate projections the Climate Analysis toolkit provides a useful tool in long-term watershed planning. The toolkit, like HydroDesktop, is an open source project that allows for a flexible and dynamic approach.  The source code is available on this website and feedback is highly valued.  













Below are resources that describe the methodology used in developing climate change analysis:

  • METED training courses for climate change projection selection, processing, and modeling. 
  • Publications discussing the projection selection and processing for the Columbia River basin (see Parts 1 and 4).

  •  Discusses the projection selection and processing for the Rio Grande basin (see Appendix C Section IV).

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