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Installing the Toolkit

  1. Launch HydroDesktop and open a new or existing project.
  2. Click on the File tab in the upper left hand corner and then select Extension Manager.
  3. Locate Climate Analysis Toolkit on the list of extensions, select it, and click install.

Using the Toolkit

Within HydrDesktop navigate to the Climate Analysis Toolkit by clicking on the Climate Analysis tab.  The toolkit's ribbon will then appear and look like the image below:


 screenshot 1


The Climate Analysis Toolkit is arranged into three groups of buttons that represent the order in which a climate projection analysis should be performed.  By following a simple workflow of importing projection data, selecting the parameters for and running the analysis, and viewing the results the Climate Analysis Toolkit provides a simple approach.

Step 1 - Importing data

Begin by selecting either the Import button to manually load projection data or by selecting the         Download button to dynamically find data.

screenshot 2


Step 2 - Setting and Running Analysis

You may select date ranges to compare by selecting the Select Dates button. You may also wish to adjust the statistical percentiles considered in the ensembles as well as the number of projections included in the ensembles by selecting the Statistical Scenario button. Please note that both date ranges and statistical scenario parameters have default settings if you choose to bypass these steps. Finally, select the Run Analysis button to run the climate analysis.

screenshot 3


Step 3 - Viewing Results

After the analysis is run you may do several things with the results. You may select which files you would like to save to your local drive and where to save them by selecting the Save Results button. To view the cluster graph select the Cluster Graph button. The Climate Analysis Tool Kit allows users to upload a forcing file in either VIC or DHSVM formats to which the climate data can be added for further modeling.  Access this function by selecting Adjust Forcing File.

screenshot 4



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